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Cosmis XT-206R
Cosmis XT-206R

Cosmis XT-206R

The Cosmis XT-206R offers motorsport style with added aggressive appearance. These are some of the most unique wheels on the market, providing super concave spokes and dish! What more could you ask for?

Sizes and offsets aren’t for the feint hearted in 18×9.5″ ET10 and 18×11″ ET8. There is a 9″ ET33 Version however

These wheels are ideal for people that want the best combination of deep concave and a stepped dish lip with race inspired facing.

Available Sizes

18X9 +33MM 5X114.3
18X9.5 +10MM 5X114.3 / 5X120 / 5X100
18X11 +8MM 5X114.3 / 5×100
18X9.5 +10MM Custom PCD
18X11 +8MM Custom PCD

Available Colours

Black Chrome
Hyper Bronze
Gunmetal with Polished Lip
Black with Polished Lip

from £265

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